veterinary services  Post, TX
Here at Garza County Animal Hospital, we are pleased to have a large amount of veterinary services available for our patients. We are proud to be able to serve Post, TX and our surrounding communities to give your pet the best care that they deserve!

Our staff at Garza County Animal Hospital is filled with passionate animal lovers who are here to help you and your pet! They are highly trained and dedicated to making sure that your pets receive the care and compassion they deserve every time they walk in the door!

We offer the following services to keep your pets healthy:

Preventative Care  Post, TX

Preventative Care

We believe the best way to promote overall health is through preventative care. Regular checkups allow us to establish a baseline in your pets’ health and make us aware of any changes that may indicate future problems.

We highly recommend bringing your pet in for regular exams. Often health problems that go undetected can become more severe issues when left untreated, so checkups are important even when your pet appears healthy.

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Dental Care  Post, TX

Small & Large Animal Dentistry

Dental care is vital to the overall health of any pet. Dental disease can lead to health issues with the heart, liver, and kidneys and has the potential to seep into your pet’s bloodstream. In fact, 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats over three years of age suffer from some form of dental disease, making it the most common pet health issue among our pet population.

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Surgery  Post, TX


We are pleased to offer our clients the highest quality veterinary care. We want nothing but the best for our clients, especially during surgery. It is our goal to make sure that our surgical team is prepared to offer our clients the latest medical procedures. We look forward to learning about the newest medical advances in surgery and actively partake in continued surgical education.

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Advanced Digital X-rays  Post, TX

Advanced Digital X-rays

At Garza County Animal Hospital in Post, TX , we are proud to be on the cutting edge of medical technology. Radiology is a technique and diagnostic tool that we use to look inside the body in an entirely non-invasive way. X-rays allow us to create images of all the body’s organs.

In other words, the use of radiology gives us a view of the internal organs in your pets’ body that we otherwise could not see. It is a valuable diagnostic tool that helps veterinarians detect and prevent illness.

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Spay and Neuter  Post, TX

Spay and Neuter

The best time to have your pet spayed or neutered is at six months of age. At this age, maximum benefits are achieved. Also, spaying and neutering will not change your pet’s personality, except to make him or her a better pet.


  • eliminate heat cycles
  • eliminate the inconvenience from having to protect her from males
  • prevent unwanted pregnancy
  • decrease the risk of mammary, ovarian and uterine cancer and infection
  • control the pet population


  • Decrease or eliminate spraying to “mark” his territory
  • Eliminate strong urine odor associated with tomcats
  • Eliminate roaming in search of females
  • Decrease aggression and fighting
  • Decrease the risk of prostate and testicular cancer
  • Control the pet population
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Vaccinations  Post, TX


At Garza County Animal Hospital in Post, TX , we believe that one of the most important aspects of caring for your pet’s health is vaccinating him or her against possible diseases. There are a variety of diseases which affect our pets, and other animals, so proper vaccination is vital to protecting them from many types of illnesses.

It is important to consult with us about the unique risks of living in our region. We will be happy to discuss the benefits of protecting your pet with vaccinations, as well as, provide you with information on the required vaccinations for your pet.

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Parasite Prevention  Post, TX

Parasite Prevention

Fleas & Ticks are a year round problem. Of course the problem gets worse in warmer weather. Along with being a nuisance, fleas & ticks can cause skin problems and other serious conditions such as tape worm infestations. We recommend all pets in a household be on a flea and/or tick control program year-round. We recommend the following products:

  • Bravecto
  • Vectra 3D
  • Scalabur flea & tick collars
  • Revolution
Heartworms are transmitted through the bite of a mosquito. A single bite of a mosquito can infect your dog with heartworm larvae. The larvae then migrate through your dog’s organs and tissues toward the heart. Once in the heart, the larvae mature into adult heartworms. These adult heartworms can grow to over one foot in length. Adult heartworms reproduce to form microfilaria, which are released into your dog’s bloodstream. A mosquito that bites your dog may pick up these microfilaria and eventually transmit heartworm larvae into another dog.

If left untreated, your dog will die of complications associated with heartworms within three to five years. During this time period your dog may become lethargic and exercise intolerant, as well as develop labored breathing, a cough, heart failure, and kidney failure.

You can prevent your dog from ever getting heartworm disease by placing him or her on heartworm preventative at about two months of age. Heartworm preventative will need to be administered once every month for the duration of your pet’s life to prevent heartworm infestation.

We recommend the following products:

• Frontline
• ProHeart 6
• Iverheart Max
• Heartgard Plus
• Revolution

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In-House Laboratory  Post, TX

In-House Laboratory

We are very proud of our laboratory. We are able to perform many diagnostic tests quickly and efficiently in it. We can do many simple tests but are also able to offer some more complex ones, too! We are able to run heartworm tests, leukemia and FIV tests, and full blood work for those who are interested in it. There are also many other tests we offer our patients.

The best part of being able to run laboratory tests in our hospital is that we can diagnose your pets much sooner than if we had to send the blood work out to another laboratory. Whenever your pets are not feeling well, we can offer you results and a diagnosis in minutes instead of making you wait a day (or more) for the results.

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Emergency & Urgent Care  Post, TX

Emergency and Urgent Care

Our staff is dedicated and well trained to handle emergencies of all types. If you’re experiencing an emergency, please call us immediately. Our team of professionals will be able to determine the best course of action for your pet.

Reproduction  Post, TX


We offer all types of assistance with reproduction and breeding, from semen collection to vaginal cytology so you know when the best breeding day will be. We offer artificial insemination (AI) as well as assistance with natural breeding.

We can check for pregnancy with ultrasound and are able to determine the number of puppies fairly accurately on late term radiographs (safe for mom and the pups!) so you know exactly what to expect. We are of course ready to help if you have questions about any part of whelping, and will be close by in case of emergency. We are here to help you succeed.

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Mobile Vet

We understand that it is not always possible to bring your pet to a clinic. That is why we are proud to be a mobile veterinarian and offer house calls to see animals in your own home.

Seeing animals in their home allows us to treat the animals in a comfortable environment. Please let us know of any specific requests or conditions that will require special attention. We promise to communicate with you throughout the process to make sure it goes smoothly for you and your pet.

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Nutrition is a very important part of an overall health program for your pet. The food you choose to feed your puppy or kitten during the first years is critical to its adult development, health & growth. We feed & recommend Hills Science Diet brand of pet food. Feeding a food that is balanced without excesses or deficiencies helps avoid certain health problems. Hills Science Diet offers a wide variety of products formulated for the specific age, size and health needs of your pet.

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